New Client with an Exciting Real Asset: Whisky as an Investment Object

DigiShares recently signed up a new client, Faer Isles Distillery, Faroe Islands. We are working hard towards launch of their white-label platform for tokenization of whisky within the next weeks.

Faer Isles Distillery is a craft whisky and gin distillery startup on the Faroe Islands. For a craft distillery wanting to produce high-quality malt whisky and super-premium gin, the Faroe Islands in the middle of the North Atlantic are an optimal location. The salty, windy climate on the islands provides the perfect atmosphere for whisky maturation, and the surrounding nature provides the optimal botanicals for gin production. As a new whisky destination, the project has gained a lot of international coverage, e.g., in the largest whisky publication in the world, Whisky Advocate, read the full article here.

Faer Isles Distillery received some initial funding and community support by offering membership in their Founders’ Club. 1100 whisky and gin enthusiasts from 22 countries registered. Within the next month, Faer Isles will start their crowdfunding campaign, which will be issued as an STO offering digital shares as tokens. This will make them the first whisky distillery in the world to use the STO format and allow crypto currency payment for shares.

Faer Isles Distillery was founded by local whisky enthusiasts. Since then, a group of investors, business developers, and industry specialists have joined and formed the team behind the project today. Test production has been performed for a few years, and the first commercial products will be launched this year.

You can learn more about Faer by visiting this link.

A new client - Faer and its products - Whiskey and Gin

Digital Securities & Tokenization Summit

We are proud to announce the third installment of the conference, previously named Fintech Disruption Summit, and still available.

The Summit has traditionally been visited by 100-200 delegates. First time it was physical but the last one was virtual, as will this one be. We are aiming for 250-500 delegates this time around.

The goal with the Summit is to educate and motivate the traditional financial industry to adopt blockchain and tokenization technology, so delegates will be non-blockchain non-crypto people from the traditional industry. The Summit spans two days and the schedule has been adjusted to cover both EU and US delegates and speakers.

We will market the Summit massively through our channels as well as the channels of our partners and sponsors. The goal is to make it one of the top global events focused on tokenization targeted towards the traditional industry. There will be tracks focused on legal, market status, future visions, real estate tokenization, etc.

Stay tuned for updates in the newsletter.

An advertisement for a Digital securities and tokenization summit