Introducing the first ever
Web3 Crowdfunding Solution

Turn your community of users and fans into loyal shareholders, leveraging leading blockchain technology and a Web3-first approach.

Leverage the power of Web3

Known as the next generation of the internet, Web3 turns the cloud-based web into a creator-based ecosystem for peer-to-peer value transfer where everything from onboarding to signing contracts to receiving tokens is done with the user’s crypto wallet, eliminating the need for costly third-party integrations and compliance concerns.

Investors can easily connect their crypto wallet to purchase Security Tokens with USDC and instantly receive their digital assets.

Easily reward token holders and manage governance in a fully transparent way, turning your fans into loyal shareholders and brand evangelists.

Regulatory requirements, such as jurisdictional restrictions are automatically enforced via smart contracts.

Gain real-time access to your cap-table and its activity, providing you with valuable insights on shareholder activity.

Tokens can be transferred 24/7 and easily integrate with secondary markets, where investors enjoy the benefits of instant settlement without counterparty risks.

All operations are managed via Securitize and signed with the investor’s wallet, without the need for any paperwork.

Our raise was done with the intent and aim to empower our customers to come in and share in our success before Wall Street.

— Claus Skaaning, CEO & Founder of DigiShares

Get acquainted with Web3 crowdfunding

Crowdfund on the blockchain using the Reg CF or Reg A / A+ exemption to fund and drive growth from your own customers.

Walk through the steps needed to use MetaMask with Avalanche and AVAX.

Your Key to Web3 Crowdfunding - Learn how to start using digital wallets directly from your browser.

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