Interview with our CEO and New Client

New Client Signed Up
DigiShares is currently seeing a massive interest in our services. We have been successful in establish the company as a leader in the industry with a focus on white-label solutions for tokenization of real assets. We are not a crypto company but rather using blockchain technology internally in our platform in order to facilitate efficient peer-to-peer transactions for purchase, payouts and trading as well as a 100% updated share cap table.

Last week we signed up a new white-label client in South Africa who is focused on private equity financing of later stage startup companies in different industries. Already the two first projects are signed up to be tokenized on the platform and a third is in discussions.

Stobox interviewed our CEO Claus Skaaning – an expert of tokenized securities.
In this interview, we discussed the STO hype cycle, real problems of the industry, best industries for tokenization, future of exchanges, and legislation.

DAI conference panel participation
Also last week Claus participated on the panel of the Digital Assets Investment Conference, also organized by Stobox. The topic of the panel was “token offering success factors: insights from the field”. The panel was moderated by Kristian T. Sørensen of The Tokenizer, the Danish news outlet focused on tokenization, and other participants were Viktor Viktorov of Reinno and Roel Wolfert of VGRIP.

Real Estate Tokenization Webinar
Together with Proptech Denmark, DigiShares is hosting a webinar on real estate tokenization on December 3. It will be 2 – 4 pm CET which corresponds to 7 – 9 am CST (Central Standard Time).

The webinar will introduce the concept of tokenization and present some International and Nordic players in the field. The actual benefits of tokenization to real estate developers will be explained and concrete examples of tokenized real estate projects will be presented.

Speakers will be Claus Skaaning, CEO of DigiShares, as well as Ed Nwokedi, CEO of RedSwan, a US-based leader in real estate tokenization. The two final speakers are now announced and we are proud to present Graeme Moore, Head of Tokenization of Polymath, a leader in the tokenization industry, as well as Tuukka Koroloainen, CEO of APK-Kiintestöt Oy, one of the first Nordic real estate companies considering tokenization.