White-label Investment Marketplace Software Platform

With DigiShares, investment platforms & marketplaces can focus on their core business of offering high quality projects in need of capital and matching them with investors.


No need to worry about developing the underlying software!


DigiShares’ white-label platform covers share issuance, compliant onboarding of investors, cap table management, distributions, communications etc. Each investment opportunity can have its own detailed description page where documents, pictures, videos can be uploaded. 


If the client chooses to activate the optional blockchain functionality, a white-label bulletin board where investors can trade peer-to-peer within an issuance is delivered with the platform.


The solution is fully white-label, i.e the DigiShares brand will be totally invisible to end-users. Clients can build on top of DigiShares’ APIs to customize UI/UX at will, and even integrate payment processors. 


DigiShares can be the tech partner for investment platform clients operating in various industries, including real estate, art, private companies, energy infrastructure, social-impact projects, collectibles etc.


Many functionalities were co-developed with an experienced US-based investment firm – MarketSpace Capital – such as: 

DigiShares is registered as a Transfer Agent with the SEC and therefore can be used in the context of Reg A+ offerings.

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