New Partner in Benelux

DigiShares has signed a partnership agreement with 2140 Consulting in order to collaborate on tokenization projects in the Benelux region and potentially also outside.

2140 Consulting is a tokenization and Security Token Offering (STO) advisory company, with the purpose to make security investments accessible to everyone. We are an STO project manager, assisting clients with the feasiblity, preparation, setup and execution of regulated tokenization projects. Together with our client we design the specific STO ecosystem from start to finish, for which we independently assess 3rd parties to work with. Read more here: https://2140consulting. com/.

Finance Meets Real Estate Webinar

DigiShares CEO is hosting a webinar on the Finance Meets Real Estate Webinar series. It will be on Wednesday, April 21, at 12:30 am CET / 7:30 pm ET. Finance-Meets-Real-Estate

Location: 88986587939

Title of Presentation: Real estate tokenization for dummies

What is the Presentation Description?

Claus will introduce the concepts of blockchain and tokenization and explain the underlying ideas and value propositions. He will further introduce how these new technologies provide value for real estate developers in order to digitize and automate their processes, reach new types of investors, and create new levels of liquidity. Finally, Claus will speak about real use cases from DigiShares’ own catalog of clients.

Updated List of Exchanges

DigiShares has posted an overview of global security token exchanges from a regulatory perspective, indicating how these exchanges are licensed in their respective regulations. If you are an issuer considering which exchange to work with, this is a good overview of the most serious and professional exchanges in the world.
The list includes Archax, tZERO Group, Inc., Blocktrade, BnkToTheFutu, CoinMetro, Polybird, SMART VALOR, Openfinance, Templum, Inc., Atlant, Nxchange, RealToken, and INX Limited.
DigiShares has partnerships in place with several of these to ensure good listing options for your token.
Read more here: