New Client, New Grant, and Tokenization Webinar

DigiShares has recently signed up a new white-label client in the real estate industry. Even though we are not allowed to publish the name of the client under our contractual relations, we are allowed to speak in general terms about the project and its implications.

This client is a large African real estate developer who wants to be the first-mover to the market of real estate tokenization. They see tokenization as potentially enabling them to structure and digitize many processes, as well as giving them access to new types of investors and additional liquidity through the DigiShares internal exchange. Also, they view the ability to fractionalize and democratize as an important factor both for their own company but also to the benefit of investors.
The client is considering three different real estate development projects as pilots to test out the framework and the approach, with valuations between EUR 1.5 – 20 M. The client works with both residential and commercial real estate. The first project is intended to be launched on the DigiShares platform in November / December 2020.

New Grant
For the second time in a few months, DigiShares has received a grant from the Danish Innovation Fund, this time the prestigious Innobooster grant which is only awarded to the most innovative and promising projects. The grant size is EUR 55,000 and it will further support DigiShares’ goal of becoming a leader in white-label tokenization solutions for real estate and other real assets.

Tokenization Webinar
Remember to sign up to the webinar on tokenization on October 27 from 2 – 4 pm CET. At this event, we will give a high-level introduction to tokenization and speak about some of our projects. We will be joined on the virtual stage by world-leading blockchain researcher Roman Beck from the IT University of Copenhagen and Emilie Rieupeyroux, CEO of LiquidShare. The webinar is organized by Copenhagen Fintech.

DigiShares is a leader in the quickly growing tokenization industry and currently the only company in the Nordics of its type. DigiShares is focused on white-label partnerships where we deliver our technology and platform to our partners as well as the tokenization of real assets such as real estate, solar, wind, infrastructure, mining, etc.

Tokenization refers to the concept of issuing and managing securities as tokens on the blockchain. The blockchain infrastructure yields a number of interesting benefits for a more efficient financial infrastructure.