DigiShares’ Newsletter 67

Hydra Chain Technologies and DigiShares partner to tokenize Real Estate on the Ravencoin Blockchain
Hydra Chain Technologies, a Wisconsin-based real estate developer, announced today it has partnered with DigiShares, a provider of end-to-end white-label solutions to tokenize residential properties in Wisconsin.

Through this partnership, Hydra Chain Technologies plans to tokenize single family houses in Wisconsin, USA, which would allow the company to provide liquidity and fractionalized ownership to real estate investors around the world. The collaboration also opens up many opportunities for future tokenization projects that will move beyond real estate. Additionally, the partnership is a step forwards further expanding DigiShares’ service offering to support Ravencoin.

Read the full article here.

MIT Real Estate Forum 2021

Join DigiShares and our VP of Business Development Bjørn Holta at the 2-day MIT Real Estate Forum 2021 by the MIT Center for Real Estate this July 13-14.

10:30 AM EDT | Session B: Capital Evolution: New models for real estate finance.

The old models of real estate are being challenged by new, tech-enabled approaches – real estate finance is no exception. The intersection of technology and commercial real estate promises to make investing more seamless, transparent and dynamic. This session considers single asset stock listings, tokenization, and NFTs, with insight from trailblazing experts who are pursuing these promising mechanisms for reinventing real estate finance.

Host: Dr. Thomas Wiegelmann, Managing Director, Schroder Real Estate Asset Management
Guest: Bjorn Holta, Business Development Lead, Digishares
Guest: Richard Croft, Executive Chairman, M7 Real Estate

Participants can expect:

– Engaging discussions: Lively and informative discussions between industry thought leaders on topics impacting global real estate – today and into the future.
– A look into the future: Join industry leaders, distinguished MIT faculty and researchers, developers and investors, technologists and founders, in a wide-ranging and far-reaching conversation about the future of global real estate.
– MIT Innovation Showcase: A unique opportunity to learn about MIT’s latest, most exciting research on real estate innovation, technology, and the future of global real estate.

DigiShares Monthly Community Calls: Real Estate Tokenization in Practice

DigiShares is excited to announce our upcoming webinar series: Real Estate Tokenization in Practice. This series will consist of initially 4 monthly webinars, namely: Value Proposition of Tokenized Real Estate, Real Estate Tokenization & DeFi Lending, Real Estate Tokenization & Decentralized Trading and Real Estate Tokenization & Banks starting from August 18, 2021.

The webinar is of interest for anyone interested in staying on the leading edge of real estate tokenization with one of the leading players, DigiShares. On every community call there will be a status update from our management, an expert presentation on a topic of current interest in relation to tokenization (DeFi, banking, stablecoins, etc.) and there will also be presentations from one or more of our clients and partners.

More information on the Webinar series, dates and registration can be found here.