DigiShares’ Newsletter 71

DigiShares nominated in HackerNoon’s Startups of the Year in Aalborg, Denmark

Just being nominated Starups of the Year is a huge honor, but winning would be truly amazing for DigiShares. If you have a moment to vote, that would really mean a lot to us!

About HackerNoon
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Maybe You Should Listen To This Podcast Episode

Listen here: How to Tokenize Real Estate on Ravencoin

Check out this latest episode on Ravencoin SITREP and understand how to set up a project for tokenization from Hydra Chain Technologies and Sarah Jenkins. (Promised no tech speak!)

Hydra Chain Technologies is a Wisconsin-based real estate developers that partnered with DigiShares to tokenize residential properties in Wisconsin. Read more about our partnership here.

August 18th: A Value Proposition for Tokenized Real Estate

“A Value Propostion for Tokenized Real Estate” is the first of the Webinar Series: Real Estate Tokenization in Practice by DigiShares. The confirmed program for the Webinar can be found here.

Here are a few things we warmly welcome you to do: