DigiShares’ Newsletter 84

Season’s Greetings

Dear readers, partners, clients, employees, advisors and stakeholders of DigiShares,

2021 has been a great year for us! DigiShares is now established as a leader within the field of Real Estate Tokenization. We have signed up 45 new clients and grew our team to a total of 25 people! We set up two subsidiaries, one in the US and one in Germany. Since then, we have steadily grown all our KPIs, including inbound leads, homepage visitors, newsletter subscribers, and new client signups per month. We also hosted 1 large conference and 8 smaller events and webinars, made our appearance at many conferences, spoke at different events, masterclasses, keynotes, etc.

So all is well for us and 2022 is looking to be another great year.

All industry reports indicate that security tokens have a bright future ahead. From our perspective, the industry grew with a factor 10 from 2020 to 2021 and we fully believe it will grow another factor 10 again in 2022. We see massive interest and receive many requests from small, medium-sized and large asset owners who want to try out tokenization in order to evaluate the value proposition: increased digitization and automation, fractionalization, and increased liquidity.

And we couldn’t have done it without your support. In this holiday season we’d like to thank YOU for helping us make all the difference.

May your holidays and 2022 be filled with joy and optimism.

DigiShares Team

New Webinars Announced: Take a Deeper Dive into Tokenization

We have now released the schedule for 4 brand new webinars in the beginning of 2022. Next year, we are going to take a closer look into Tokenization’s Regulations, how does a process of tokenization look like, what is its impact and many more!

The first Webinar of 2022: Real Estate Tokenization and Global Regulations’ program is already out, you can see our speaker line-up and their topics here. We’ll be sending out recordings of the webinar to all registrants so feel free to sign-up even if you can’t attend.

Resource and Event Center: We have made learning about tokenization easier.

In 2021, one of our goals was to make the Tokenization of things approachable and easier to understand for more people. So we have created a lot of content around the topic, and now we have made it much more convenient for you to access it all.

DigiShares’ Resource Center provides all the information you need about Tokenization in one easy-to-find place, serving as a guidance for new comers to the industry. So hop on over to the Resource Center right now – We have Webinar Recordings, Podcasts, Blogs and Conference Videos; all for free!

Check it out.

White-Label Partner Pacio Launches Tokenization Project

Losses resulting from current accounting and management deficiencies are estimated to be $27 trillion per annum by 2027 without Pacio. Pacio’s Triple Entry Accounting (TEA) and management accounting system TARI® will reduce those losses while improving client profitability.

Pacio’s credentials give the company a unique opportunity to take a sizeable slice of the market on the crossroad of distributed ledger technologies and accounting. If modern crypto assets are smart money, Pacio delivers smart business.

To raise the funds to scale, Pacio has tokenised its shares as the PIO equity security token using the DigiShares platform and Polymath, with the PIO being listed on the regulated Tokenise security exchange launching early 2022. PIOs can be purchased in advance as described in the Business Plan.

CVC Master Class Replay: Tokenization 360

In case you missed the Crypto Valley Conference Master Classes, they are now accessible online! Check the full playlist of Crypto Valley Conference 2021 – Master Classes here.

Tokenization 360 Degrees – Claus Skaaning