DigiShares’ Newsletter 63

DigiShares is thrilled to share with you this exciting milestone of having 1,000+ followers on LinkedIn. This is a great chance for us to say THANK YOU to all our followers for engaging with us and helping DigiShares to grow. We look forward to welcoming new followers and continue to expand our social media presence.

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White paper: Value Proposition for Real Estate Tokenization.

This white paper is a compact overview of Real Estate use cases for security tokens and five ways on how the DigiShares platform in particular can save you money:

1. Liquidity Infrastructure: Real life use-cases from low-touch crowdfunding platforms have already validated how fractionalization enhances liquidity within a closed system. Real estate will be the single largest use case for liquidity pools and help close the illiquidity premium gap through better valuation for the best projects.”

2. Corporate Finance: “One of the unique features as a protocol agnostic security token platform is the flexibility to represent various parts of the capital stack like preferred equity and mezzanine loans that can appeal to accredited investors and family offices looking for “equity-like returns” within real estate financings.”

3. Payments: “Working with leading payment infrastructure companies, our platform allows for interoperability between major currencies and stablecoins for our users, arbitrating away bank transactional fees.”

4. Automated Compliance:Traditional roles of a transfer agent -recording transactions, canceling and issuing of certificates, processing investor mails and dealing with lost or stolen certificates can all be automated within the platform.”

5. Intangible Benefits.

Read the Full Paper here.

Blockchain and Tokenization for Dummies with Practical Use Cases

Are you new to blockchain and tokenization? We got you covered.

Here is our CEO, Claus Skaaning, giving an explanation.

Blockchain and Tokenization for Dummies with Practical Use Cases Claus Skaaning

June 14th: ‘How to Tokenise an Asset’ Webinar by AREF

In case you missed our last newsletter, join DigiShares for this online AREF event for some insightful talks and discussions led by industry leaders and experts. Attendees can expect to:

– Take a look at how tokenization can be implemented within the Real Estate Industry.

– Hear from industry experts on the legal and regulatory issues applicable to tokenization and how this affects AREF’s members.

– Hear a walk through of the practical steps involved; a compare and contrast on regulation vs a conventional deal; and a view from the fintech industry on adoption.

The Association of Real Estate Funds (AREF) is the UK-based body that represents the interests of its member funds, those firms that advise and support them and the end-investors. Their membership includes over sixty-five funds spanning the leading real estate fund management houses in the industry, through to smaller, specialist boutiques, with a collective net asset value of over £72bn. They now have more than fifty Affiliate members, a number of Associate members and hundreds of Investor members.

To learn more about AREF, check out their website here.