DigiShares’ Newsletter 64

As we slide into a new busy working week, set aside some time to brew yourself a good cup of coffee and read up on the weekly updates from DigiShares.

In this week’s issue, we cover an interview between our CEO – Claus Skaaning and Sarah Jenkins from, an explainer video to help you learn more about our platform and solutions, and also a warm invitation to our Telegram community.

But first, have we connected?

First Project on Ravencoin

Last week, our CEO Claus Skaaning sat down for an interview with Sarah Jenkins from and discussed details about DigiShares’ white label real estate platform and how it will be implemented at
In this video, Claus explains:
1:50 : How the process will look like for a customer.
3:56 : How somebody pays for tokens.
5:20 : How custody works and how one knows that their tokens are safe.
7:40 : How dividends work in the DigiShares system.

Sarah’s Interview with Claus Skaaning – CEO of

Explainer Video

We made an explainer video! This is a great entry point for you to get to know DigiShares and our solutions for issuance and management of security tokens & tokenized securities. If you are one of our new subscribers, watch the video here.

DigiShares Telegram Community

We are rolling out a series of webinars in the upcoming months, in which our community members have the chance to connect and ask questions directly to our company’s specialists and sometimes our guest speakers in the field of tokenization.

We’d love to have you. Join us today.