Fintech Disruption Summit 2020 Successfully Completed

On September 3rd we completed the second iteration of Fintech Disruption Summit. You can read about the event and the program here.
The focus of this year’s event was real estate tokenization, decentralized finance and tokenization of VC funds. While several speakers had experience with real estate tokenization, the tokenization of investment (and VC) funds is still an immature field.
More than 200 signed up for the conference indicating that tokenization is a hot and interesting topic for many. We are now ready with the videos from the event, so you can review the best moments from the conference.
All the videos can be accessed here.
We are starting to make plans for the next Fintech Disruption Summit, expected in February 2021 – most likely also virtual, in consideration of COVID-19. If you are interested in speaking or sponsoring – please reach out to us.

Individual links for the videos are included below. If you are interested in tokenization and want to see the highlights, you should watch videos #2, #9, #10 and panel 1.
Our personal highlights and moments of being a little bit starstruck were videos #15 (David Weild IV, Vice Chairman of NASDAQ and father of the JOBS act) and #17 (Alon Goren, top blockchain Silicon Valley VC). #1: Opening Remarks by Claus Skaaning, DigiShares
Watch here

#2: Keynote; Tokenized Securities; The Future of Investment
Ethan Pierse – Borderless Ventures / CryptoAssets Institute
Watch here

#3: Assets on the Blockchain – A Perspective
Martin von Haller Grønbæk – Bird&Bird
Watch here

#4: Legal Aspects of Tokenized Securities, Compliance & Operations
Boulevard A. Aladetoyinbo, Esq.
Watch here

#5: Decentralized Finance – A Financial Crime Perspective
Stefania Teodora Banu – Financial Crime Prevention Expert at Nordea Bank
Watch here

#6: The Next Generation of Regulatory Technologies and the Ways to Implement Them
Borys Pikalov – Head of Analytics, Co-Founder at Stobox
Watch here

#7: Legislation for Blockchain Projects in Switzerland & Liechtenstein
Yanina Petrovskaya
Watch here

#8: Blockchain Real Estate Registry
Oleksii Konashevych
Watch here

#9: Tokenization of Real Estate and Large Physical Assets
Claus Skaaning – CEO, DigiShares
Watch here

#10: Real Estate FinTech: Hype or Solution?
Andrew Baum
Watch here

#11: Innovation moves in S-Curves
Dr. Guenther Dobrauz
Watch here

#12: The Future of Real Asset Investment – a Family Office Perspective
Paul Huelsmann
Watch here

#13: Legal and Economic Opportunities to Reduce Transaction Costs with Fragmented Ownership-Recording
Jo Bronckers & Simon Duindam
Watch here

#14: Panel 1: Real Estate on the Blockchain
Moderator: Sam Jalaei
Participants: Andrew Baum, Paul Huelsmann, Oleksii Konashevych, Jo Bronckers
Watch here

#15: Why Growth Rates Will Differ Significantly: Crypto vs. Derivatives vs. Securities
David Weild IV – Chairman & CEO at Weild & Co., Inc.
Watch here

#16: Derisking DeFi – How to Derisk Decentralized Finance Investments
Edmund Lowell –, and
Watch here

#17: Early-Stage Blockchain Investing
Alon Goren – Founding Partner of Draper Goren Holm
Watch here

#18: Panel 2: VC Investment Funds in the Blockchain in Sphere
Moderator: Nikolaj Juhl Hansen
Participants: Hazem Danny Nakib, Ethan Pierse, David Weild IV, Yanina Petrovskaya
Watch here.

Fintech Disruption Summit 2020 spakers

Many thanks again to our partners Bird&Bird, TechNordicAdvocates, Copenhagen Fintech, and The Tokenizer.
DigiShares is the organizer of Fintech Disruption Summit. The goal is to educate the financial industry to better understand the value proposition of blockchain, and to motivate them to initiate more projects in the space.
DigiShares provides a white-label tokenization platform, supporting the issuance, corporate management, and trading of tokenized securities. We have a focus on real assets such as real estate, infrastructure, solar, wind, etc. If you are interested in partnering with us, please reach out.