Fintech Tuesday Tokenization & Securities

In collaboration with Copenhagen Fintech, DigiShares is hosting a webinar on tokenization and securities on October 27 from 2 – 4 pm CET.

DigiShares will introduce the concept of tokenization and speak about some industry use cases, most likely from real estate. We expect to be joined on the virtual stage by VP Securities, the leading Danish CSD (Central Securities Depository) and a leading researcher in the field.

DigiShares is a leader in the quickly growing tokenization industry and currently the only company in the Nordics of its type. DigiShares is focused on white-label partnerships where we deliver our technology and platform to our partners as well as the tokenization of real assets such as real estate, solar, wind, infrastructure, mining, etc.

Tokenization refers to the concept of issuing and managing securities as tokens on the blockchain. The blockchain infrastructure yields a number of interesting benefits for a more efficient financial infrastructure.

For an introduction to tokenization, please read this article.

We look forward to seeing you.